Review has user-friendly and pleasant design and all the information is very brief and accurate. Reading through the website pop-up form jumped out at me saying I had only 10 minutes to get VIP customer service for free! I thought the chance was good enough to let the review of begin.

So, I filled in my contact info and started reading about VIP service perks. Ordering VIP customer service your requests will be given the highest possible priority in contrary to ordinary requests. As a VIP client, you receive SMS notifications on any movement of your order. Sounds good to me!

In order to check whether my order was so VIP indeed, my team and I decided to order 3-pages movie review with a 3-hours deadline. We asked to write a comprehensive review on cult crime drama film Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese. It’s not difficult to find a review on one of the greatest film of all time, but the point is to write a unique one. We selected a regular writer and he or she was supposed to know the masterpiece or have incredible compilative and rewriting skills or to watch in speed up as the film is almost two hours long. This is how shrewd fellows we are :)

We paid £138.00 for this challenging task and 10 minutes after the payment was verified, the assignment notification had been received.

Our writer was texting us every 20 minutes. She asked if the line is was ok, did I share the opinion, what was my attitude and so on. I can’t tell if she had a lack of confidence/experience or just was doing her best; anyway, I have no doubts she is very smart.

The service was VIP indeed. Thanks to notifications I was able to chat with my writer without any delays and my paper was tailored exclusively for me.

without a moment’s hesitation. In the process of writing, it was already obvious the work must be hard to fault. Our paper was delivered in 2 hours and 45 minutes after the order had been assigned.

Hats off to! Hope, they treat regular customers with the same respect and attitude. And next time we’ll check this.


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